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What Students Are Saying

I’ve been a Hebrew student for many years but am still learning new things - even so there’s still so much hidden in the Tanakh. Thank you Pastor Steve for uncovering more treasures from the Word of God!
401: How Jews & Christians Interpret the Bible Differently

Margaret M.

This teaching cleared away a lifetime of confusion about the Book of Revelation! In fact, I no longer avoid reading the Book of Revelation, but enjoy it now that I understand it better. Thank you, Pastor Steve! 
301: The Book of Revelation

Teresa H.

The servant's heart, to serve - not to be served. A real tough nut to crack when one believes one is called to lead. This teaching opened my eyes to see that pouring water on the hands of the leader God has given me is the right way to grow into being such a good leader.
201: Donkey Ministry

Marius S.

I'm always amazed at how Ps. Steve makes God's Word relevant to what's happening in the world today. Ps. Steve also presents paradigm shifts that alter conventional beliefs and doctrines we might hold that deserve to be probed more deeply. This course addresses the common belief that we Christians should submit to any government or leader. It's presented very clearly, with lots of biblical examples and scriptures. This course should be studied closely by every Christian in today's world of tyrannical, oppressive, corrupt and unjust government/leaders. 

201: Is Unlimited Submission Biblical? The Misinterpretation of Romans 13

Daniel N.

I learned more in this course on faith than in my entire 47 years of attending a brick and mortar church.
201: 19 Healings of Christ

Martha M.

Most Excellent! I've been walking with the Lord for almost 50 years and this is the BEST teaching on this subject that I have studied. Thank you!
402: Submission & Authority

Holly B.

I’m 80 and was raised in a Christian home and became a Christian myself. I have been in many different churches during all that time. I listen to different preachers from around the world: good Bible believing preachers, because just Sunday is not enough. Most of them have helped me strengthen my faith - but I don’t remember anyone ever preaching on Biblical justice. 

What you shared will indeed strengthen my resolve to do the right thing - that which I can only do with the help of my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, through the power of His Holy Spirit residing in me. 

Thank you Pastor Steve for addressing this important topic and doing it so well. 

Your ministry is unique sanctified and powerful. 

301: Biblical Justice

Margaret M.

I enjoyed Ps Wayne’s teaching that often uses vivid illustrations to help me understand the theories that I am learning. So much practical wisdom that is not relevant only to those in leadership positions, but to every believer, as each one of us ought to be a leader in the things that God placed in our hands to do. 

402: Life Skills with Wayne Cordeiro

Ivan W.

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